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EpiCentre will shatter, rock and rumble your audio. Created for the KVR Developers Challenge 2014.

Foldback: A synth classic with assymetry contol and subtle parallel LP filters to take the edge off.

Sinucon: Sine-Waveshaping with Mid/Side mixing.

Recticon: A rectifier with a twist, it will start soft limiting itself with high input levels. Pre HP & LP filters are provided to taylor the input signal to generate specific upper harmonics to blend in with the original signal. Good for subtle bite.

Broken: A digital XOR effect that just breaks everything, extra HP & LP filters are provided to pick out the good bits.

Cosinus: Cosine-Waveshaping with Mid/Side mixing.

LowPhi: A nasty Samplerate Reducer with input and output LP filters.

Quantile: A simple Quantizer with Mid/Side mixing.

Residue: A borderline crazy distortion, based on a modified quadratic residue formula. Try this on bass guitar.

P 22d7: A tweaked emulation of a hi-gain guitar pedal distortion, multiple clipping stages provides some mean sustain. It also has it’s own specialised EQ.

P Driver: A highly asymmetrical guitar pedal distortion with mid-range bite.

P Blue: Primarily a bass guitar distortion pedal, with asymmetry and presence control.

P Octapus: A pedal style octave divider/bass adder, only works with very simple waveforms.

P Wah: An emualtion of a classic, uses ZDF filter for a smooth sweep.

Twins: Twin ZDF Bandpass Filter network envelope follower, thin and very resonant.

Telebox: Made primarily for the ‘call and answer’ effect with vocals. Also try this on a trumpet/brass sections with low drive, for a vintage feel.

RingSting: An emulation of a diode-based ringmodulator, with an envelope for some ‘drunken sailor’ sounds. An old and useful mixing trick to rough-up vocals is to use a dash of ringmodulation in parallel.

Bi-Trem: From straight tremolo to auto-pan. Works quite differently from a regular tremolo, this adds the LFO directly to the input signal and then passes it to a non-linear function. Bias control is available.

LP 12CC: A unique ZDF 12dB LP Filter. Cutoff control is calibrated in octaves for easy automation.

BandShift: A low rate frequency shifter, where the left goes up and right goes down for an auto-pan like effect. Post filters are provided to taylor it to a specific range.

Slurr: An approximation of slew-rate limiting. Kind of like the filter you never wanted for x-mas but got inanyway.

Soft C: A soft clipper.

Soft S: An unorthodox soft clipper with some mid/side processing.

FastComp: Just like the name says, it fast. Works best just to trim 3dB or so. Has a non-linear knee.

Dreifach: Means “Triple” in German. A 12dB crossover feeds three clippers in parallel.

Tweevoudig: Means “Twofold” in Afrikaans. A three band splitter feeds the low & mid band into seperate foldback distortions – the highs are bypassed. Asymmetry is available for the mid band.

Effects are custom coded in c++, SSE2 optimization of some critical code, and oversampled where useful. GUI created by Sebastian Heemsath.


8 responses to “EpiCentre

  1. splap ⋅

    This audio-mangler is surprisingly good! You can throw any sound at it ad you get some very cool results. I think its the best free distortion plugin at the momment and the best entry in KVR 2014. It would be cool to see an enhanced vercion of it as well, featuring some kind of modulation sources especially an audio follower envelope and an lfo. Pretty impressive nonetheless!

    • Thanks, glad you like it! As for your suggestions – that would be nice. I usually do 2x projects a year, for this year there will be a compressor codename: MOULD-R, and a true stereo polyphonic synth codename: JACKi. If EpiCentre gets reasonable use post DC by a certain amount of people, i.e. there is demand -> measured by “frequency of posts to thread by various individuals” ; I would gladly add “EpiCentre2” to my project list next year.

      Have entertained the thought recently -> completely de-couple the current modulation stuff and put in into its own section. 2x stereo LFOs (you really want 2), 1x Envelope follower with 2x modes – normal & adaptive – can also detect either Mid or Side or L/R max and rough frequency estimation etc.


  2. great boutique-like array of guitar fx.thumbs up!
    hurry up with the compressor:)can’t wait, is it mastering/mixing compressor or more like guitar pedal comp?

  3. PS: as someone said in KVR tread, would you update the epicentre so that the two multi-purpose knobs would have labels on top of it, without waiting for the labels to appear afterwards?

    • MOULD-R is a fast feedforward ‘character’ compressor, sidechain filtering, EQ(pre/post) and a “spank mode”.

      As for EpiCentre – the labels will be implemented in the upcoming “SuperShear” edition.

  4. Davewee

    Getting a lot of use out of EpiCentre. Currently my go to plugin for giving sounds more character and for general mangling. Many thanks!

  5. DR

    great plugin!

    used it sometimes here:

    (in tracks 3 & 5)

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