EpiCentre will shatter, rock and rumble your audio. Created for the KVR Developers Challenge 2014.

Foldback: A synth classic with assymetry contol and subtle parallel LP filters to take the edge off.

Sinucon: Sine-Waveshaping with Mid/Side mixing.

Recticon: A rectifier with a twist, it will start soft limiting itself with high input levels. Pre HP & LP filters are provided to taylor the input signal to generate specific upper harmonics to blend in with the original signal. Good for subtle bite.

Broken: A digital XOR effect that just breaks everything, extra HP & LP filters are provided to pick out the good bits.

Cosinus: Cosine-Waveshaping with Mid/Side mixing.

LowPhi: A nasty Samplerate Reducer with input and output LP filters.

Quantile: A simple Quantizer with Mid/Side mixing.

Residue: A borderline crazy distortion, based on a modified quadratic residue formula. Try this on bass guitar.

P 22d7: A tweaked emulation of a hi-gain guitar pedal distortion, multiple clipping stages provides some mean sustain. It also has it’s own specialised EQ.

P Driver: A highly asymmetrical guitar pedal distortion with mid-range bite.

P Blue: Primarily a bass guitar distortion pedal, with asymmetry and presence control.

P Octapus: A pedal style octave divider/bass adder, only works with very simple waveforms.

P Wah: An emualtion of a classic, uses ZDF filter for a smooth sweep.

Twins: Twin ZDF Bandpass Filter network envelope follower, thin and very resonant.

Telebox: Made primarily for the ‘call and answer’ effect with vocals. Also try this on a trumpet/brass sections with low drive, for a vintage feel.

RingSting: An emulation of a diode-based ringmodulator, with an envelope for some ‘drunken sailor’ sounds. An old and useful mixing trick to rough-up vocals is to use a dash of ringmodulation in parallel.

Bi-Trem: From straight tremolo to auto-pan. Works quite differently from a regular tremolo, this adds the LFO directly to the input signal and then passes it to a non-linear function. Bias control is available.

LP 12CC: A unique ZDF 12dB LP Filter. Cutoff control is calibrated in octaves for easy automation.

BandShift: A low rate frequency shifter, where the left goes up and right goes down for an auto-pan like effect. Post filters are provided to taylor it to a specific range.

Slurr: An approximation of slew-rate limiting. Kind of like the filter you never wanted for x-mas but got inanyway.

Soft C: A soft clipper.

Soft S: An unorthodox soft clipper with some mid/side processing.

FastComp: Just like the name says, it fast. Works best just to trim 3dB or so. Has a non-linear knee.

Dreifach: Means “Triple” in German. A 12dB crossover feeds three clippers in parallel.

Tweevoudig: Means “Twofold” in Afrikaans. A three band splitter feeds the low & mid band into seperate foldback distortions – the highs are bypassed. Asymmetry is available for the mid band.

Effects are custom coded in c++, SSE2 optimization of some critical code, and oversampled where useful. GUI created by Sebastian Heemsath.